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Political Consulting

You Can’t Govern if You Don’t Win… and Campaign Connections is All About Winning!

Brad Crone, a former daily newspaper publisher, started Campaign Connections in 1991 with one goal: to bring the quality of Congressional and Gubernatorial campaigns to Democratic down-ballot races.

As campaigns become increasingly competitive and expensive, candidates must get the most for their media dollar. Candidates for the legislature, mayor, city council or even county clerk must compete for media exposure with the higher ticket races. Campaign Connections creates compelling messages that impact voters. We help build a campaign message that cuts through the clutter and makes you stand out.

Campaign Connections gets results. We have the highest winning percentage of any Democratic firm in North Carolina, and Campaigns and Elections magazine listed our firm as having one of the best client lists for state and local elections. Since 1991, Campaign Connections has won 80.3% of the more than 400 campaigns we have served in North Carolina. In 2006, we won 30 out of 35 campaigns. We also have campaign experience serving as Democratic Direct Mail Consultants in West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Pennsylvania.

We offer our clients a broad range of services and expertise. Most importantly, we offer our clients a proven winning record.

Campaign Connections offers our clients the highest quality and standards in political consulting services, including:

• Voter Demographic Targeting
• Custom Graphic Design
• Custom Photography
• Direct Mail
• Digital Media Production
• Radio & Television Production
• Highest Quality Service Standards